Too Young To Know What Love Is

Lately, a lot of ‘adults’ have been talking about teenage relationships as if they are insignificant or inferior. As a 17 year old who has been in a relationship for two years, I disagree.

The idea of love being a feeling that is dependent on age is absurd. If I am too young to feel romantic love, then surely I am too young to feel familial love and platonic love as well? Yet I have love for my parents, siblings, grandparents, friends and even pets. But you don’t question it.

Is it that teenage romantic love is inferior to adult romantic love?

Or is it just that adults in long term relationship forget what falling in love for the first time is like? ย  Do people get so comfortable in their relationships that they stop doing the small things that make young love so special? I think so.

When an adult leaves a relationship and starts to fall for someone else, they often describe having the feeling of being young again. Or they mock their actions and say things like ‘I’m acting like a teenager’. As if it’s something to be ashamed of.

Maybe it’s adults that have got it wrong. Perhaps teenage love is the exact kind of love that everyone should be feeling.

Teenage love is raw, new, exciting, stupid and a learning process.It’s so important for a teenager to accept that their feelings are valid and real. By the time people get to adulthood they seem to have exhausted their education of love and want to settle down. But why is this boring cyclical relationship that they spend hours complaining about to their friends, superior to the joyous ‘puppy love’ that they look down upon.

My opinion is; it’s not superior in the slightest.

I am not too young to feel love. I think you are too old to remember the basic premise of love and relationships. I agree commitment and support are fundamental components in a successful relationship. In order to sustain a relationship you must be able to be practical and look at it maturely. However, most adults I know seem to think that this is all the matters in a relationship. How boring.

So if your an adult reading this and feel as though you and your partner have lost your spark.

My challenge to you is:

Grow the hell down! Surprise your partner with flowers or chocolate, eat too much ice cream, go on a double date, go to a theme park, play 20 questions, take ridiculously silly photos of each other! Be a teenager, just for a day. Chances are you might learn something new about each other.

And if you’re a teenager reading this, enjoy being a teenager! Make mistakes, have a laugh, ย fall in love, go out with your friends, girlfriends, boyfriends. Savour your youth, because most people don’t.

I’m not saying that all adolescent relationships are healthy or will last, but I think everyone needs an equal balance of youth and maturity.

I hope you found this interesting, helpful, or even if you concluded it was ย a little stupid. Whatever your thoughts, let me know in the comments.

Love Jodie X


18 thoughts on “Too Young To Know What Love Is

  1. I really love this post! It’s so inspiring and nice to hear about someone speaking out about having real, true feelings for someone over going out with someone just for the label of ‘girlfriend’ or ‘boyfriend’. I feel relationships have become more of an expectation than something people do because they actually really like the company of the person they are with. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I totally agree, I have a friend who continuously wishes for a girlfriend and pursues countless girls that he doesn’t actually have any real feelings for. It’s as if he’s after the label of being in a relationship rather than the commitment.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post! Also the fact that you’ve thought about what I’ve said is so nice to hear!

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    1. I’m glad you agree! People often tend to overlook it but I’m glad you see it should be seen as valid too.
      Thanks for being an avid reader by the way, Erin and I really appreciate it, especially your comments.
      I’m a fan of your blog too! Xx

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  2. I have friends who’ve been dating for 6 years now. They started out when they were 14 and now they’re 21, living in two different cities and still, their love is something to awe upon! But adults still look at it as “puppy love”. What. I mean they’ve been together 6 YEARS, him flying to Boston to surprise her on valentine’s, and her flying to Dallas JUST to watch his soccer finale game. If that’s not true love, I’m sorry but I don’t know what is

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  3. Also, would you care to check my blog out? I write stories, most of which are pretty melancholic. I mean nothing’s wrong with me! I’m perfectly happy, but sad stuff resonates better with the audience I guess? Idk. Anyway I’d love any opinions and feedbacks, (maybe a like and a follow?)
    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Awwe that’s so true โค
    I’m personally not allowed to date until I’m 18. That hasn’t neccesarily stop me, considering I’ve been in a relationship for almost a year.
    According to my father, in agreement with the religion he practices, I must abstain from premarital sex so staying single would be a no breainer. Well I’m an athiest so it doesn’t really apply to me but he doesn’t know that. Apparently I’m too young to know anything about love anyways. That infuriates me on many levels. Oh this resonates so much with me hahaa I’ll go now ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  5. Thank you so much, I’m currently in a relationship and I’ve been told it won’t last. That I’m taking things too quickly, I haven’t even physically met her and I love her more than I love anything. I would rather die than hurt her. I’m creating a plan Financially and I probably won’t physically meet her for about 1-2 years Because she lives in Australia and I live in Wisconsin. I’m 17 btw and the last 5 months have been the best in my life. We’ve been dating for 3 months but we met 5 months ago.

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