I tried.

Wander through the barren bones,

the empty sockets, the rotting limbs.

Stumble over forgotten memories,

empty promises, stolen dreams.


Watch your step as you wade through despair, avoid hopelessness;

it will wait for you there, pounce on you there, wrap it’s arms round you there.

It will drag you downwards, keep you there, trap you there, lose you there.


So edge past the brick giants,

their hollow panes,

walk along the desolate lanes.

Dont run, they’ll know.


They always know.


~ Jodie  x



The Blighter’s Rock has me inspired, so I thought I would try my hand at poetry.

This is the first poem I have ever written outside of school. It’s not good by any means, but its ok.

I’m not particularly proud of it but I gave it a go- it could be worse.


I would love to know what your thoughts are!

Constructive criticism is not only welcome to this post, it is at top of the guest list.



Love Jodie

How to Survive School

Earphones in, world out.


Break and Lunch-

Eyes down, but head up. Don’t draw too much attention to yourself! Don’t engage with people but don’t look distant from them. Separate yourself from others, but don’t look like a loner.  Sort of make friends with the other misfits but, don’t get too close- under any circumstances. Don’t tell anyone about yourself, your hobbies, your family, anything. Teenagers can not be trusted, no one can. People will always let you down.


Sit up straight, not too straight! You certainly don’t want to look like you’re interested, or people will call you a swot, a know it all. If you slouch too much though, then the teacher will pick on you, they’ll think you’re not paying attention, not trying. Even though you’re trying your absolute hardest. So don’t you dare work too hard or even too little. Strive to be average, normal, mediocre, ordinary and completely unexceptional. Above all… don’t stand out.

In Corridors-

Make sure you dress almost exactly like everyone else, clone like. Absolutely no bright colours! But nothing that is too dark either. Nothing too fashionable, nothing to quirky. You can’t wear designer labels, in fact nothing at all labelled, it’ll attract attention. You don’t want attention. No tacky slogans or painfully unfunny pictures on t-shirts. Be normal. No one can think you are different. You’re not allowed to be, everyone will laugh. They will make fun of you. People can’t ever be trusted.

Earphones in, world out.