Too Young To Know What Love Is

Lately, a lot of ‘adults’ have been talking about teenage relationships as if they are insignificant or inferior. As a 17 year old who has been in a relationship for two years, I disagree.

The idea of love being a feeling that is dependent on age is absurd. If I am too young to feel romantic love, then surely I am too young to feel familial love and platonic love as well? Yet I have love for my parents, siblings, grandparents, friends and even pets. But you don’t question it.

Is it that teenage romantic love is inferior to adult romantic love?

Or is it just that adults in long term relationship forget what falling in love for the first time is like?   Do people get so comfortable in their relationships that they stop doing the small things that make young love so special? I think so.

When an adult leaves a relationship and starts to fall for someone else, they often describe having the feeling of being young again. Or they mock their actions and say things like ‘I’m acting like a teenager’. As if it’s something to be ashamed of.

Maybe it’s adults that have got it wrong. Perhaps teenage love is the exact kind of love that everyone should be feeling.

Teenage love is raw, new, exciting, stupid and a learning process.It’s so important for a teenager to accept that their feelings are valid and real. By the time people get to adulthood they seem to have exhausted their education of love and want to settle down. But why is this boring cyclical relationship that they spend hours complaining about to their friends, superior to the joyous ‘puppy love’ that they look down upon.

My opinion is; it’s not superior in the slightest.

I am not too young to feel love. I think you are too old to remember the basic premise of love and relationships. I agree commitment and support are fundamental components in a successful relationship. In order to sustain a relationship you must be able to be practical and look at it maturely. However, most adults I know seem to think that this is all the matters in a relationship. How boring.

So if your an adult reading this and feel as though you and your partner have lost your spark.

My challenge to you is:

Grow the hell down! Surprise your partner with flowers or chocolate, eat too much ice cream, go on a double date, go to a theme park, play 20 questions, take ridiculously silly photos of each other! Be a teenager, just for a day. Chances are you might learn something new about each other.

And if you’re a teenager reading this, enjoy being a teenager! Make mistakes, have a laugh,  fall in love, go out with your friends, girlfriends, boyfriends. Savour your youth, because most people don’t.

I’m not saying that all adolescent relationships are healthy or will last, but I think everyone needs an equal balance of youth and maturity.

I hope you found this interesting, helpful, or even if you concluded it was  a little stupid. Whatever your thoughts, let me know in the comments.

Love Jodie X

Summer Days


It’s Erin.

I thought, in contrast to my last post, which was about exams and the next 2 miserable months, I would give you something to look forward to. It is the summer holidays in two months for us Brits. Goodness knows what the weather will be like, but it will be summer. And with summer, comes Erin’s Summer List. Okay, so every year I write a list of things I want to do in the summer. Not anything too crazy! Not skydiving or paragliding or anything ‘thrilling’. Just fun things I want to do from June 1st. Which was *gulp* yesterday. I have never done everything on my list in a single summer. But this year, I am going to. I can feel it. This is going to be OUR summer. By ‘our’ I mean, myself and you reading this, because you are going to OWN summer 2016.

(I appreciate I am using a lot of capital letters right now, I’m sorry, I’m trying to make a point. Moving on.)

Here, I will post my list, and maybe you’d like to post yours, in the comments. Summer 2016 is going to be the best yet!

Without further ado, I present…

Erin’s Summer List

This year, I am going to…

  • Throw a massive practice picnic, in preparation for the end of exams party I am hoping to throw next year.
  • Say ‘practice picnic in preparation’ 3 times fast. (Just kidding)
  • Have a water fight.
  • Ride my bike as much as possible.
  • Drink a healthy drink in the sunshine. (What classifies as a healthy drink, you ask? Anything with fruit.)
  • Smile a lot. 🙂
  • Make other people smile a lot. 🙂
  • Keep my room tidy.
  • Buy a portable speaker and take it everywhere with me. (Excluding family parties and public places. (Nobody there wants to listen to excessive amounts of 1D and Ed Sheeran.)
  • Have a Movie Marathon. ( Especially if I could have it outdoors.)
  • Attend a festival type thing. Not necessarily a proper festival, but something like Summer in the City.

So, there is my list. What about your list? What’s the thing you want to do most this summer? Mine is the picnic. I’m very excited for that. My Pinterest right now is a frenzy of fancy food and sheets of fabric. I really look forward to finding out what you want most from this summer.

Till next time!

Erin xx

P.S. I am ashamed at how Tumblr the tags look. I am not cool enough for those tags.



How to Survive School

Earphones in, world out.


Break and Lunch-

Eyes down, but head up. Don’t draw too much attention to yourself! Don’t engage with people but don’t look distant from them. Separate yourself from others, but don’t look like a loner.  Sort of make friends with the other misfits but, don’t get too close- under any circumstances. Don’t tell anyone about yourself, your hobbies, your family, anything. Teenagers can not be trusted, no one can. People will always let you down.


Sit up straight, not too straight! You certainly don’t want to look like you’re interested, or people will call you a swot, a know it all. If you slouch too much though, then the teacher will pick on you, they’ll think you’re not paying attention, not trying. Even though you’re trying your absolute hardest. So don’t you dare work too hard or even too little. Strive to be average, normal, mediocre, ordinary and completely unexceptional. Above all… don’t stand out.

In Corridors-

Make sure you dress almost exactly like everyone else, clone like. Absolutely no bright colours! But nothing that is too dark either. Nothing too fashionable, nothing to quirky. You can’t wear designer labels, in fact nothing at all labelled, it’ll attract attention. You don’t want attention. No tacky slogans or painfully unfunny pictures on t-shirts. Be normal. No one can think you are different. You’re not allowed to be, everyone will laugh. They will make fun of you. People can’t ever be trusted.

Earphones in, world out.


The Art Of Conversation

You’d think that after 17 years I’d be pretty good at conversing with people… I’m not.

I can’t do it.

It actually terrifies me.

The cycle is always the same. I say the wrong thing, people get offended and I say sorry an excessive amount of times. My heart starts to pound and I can feel my pulse in my ears, all I can hear is a ringing sound and my brain feels like it is working in slow motion.

I honestly just don’t understand how people can talk to each other with ease. I can’t even seem to text people without something going wrong. You know in Mean Girls, Cady talks about ‘word vomit’, I get ‘text vomit’.

I don’t actually think about what I’ve typed before I send it to someone which usually results in annoyance on their part and severe stress and worry on mine. I don’t know why I haven’t learned from my mistakes yet. Perhaps I am incapable.


So my question to you is:

How does one converse effectively with other humans?

If you have any advice please let me know.

Love Jodie x


Hello There!

It’s Erin!

Ah, Revision, the dreaded word. As it is nearing the end of the school year, exams are coming up and that awful word is talk of the town. Actually, exam time can make everyone feel really useless. You start comparing yourself to everyone else, and often feel inadequate in comparison, even if you’re doing all the same things they’re doing. All you need to do is be confident in yourself and what you’re doing.

There’ll be teachers telling you what are the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways of revising. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t listen to music while revising, but it actually helps me focus. It blocks out distractions so I’m not talking to other people. If there is no noise in a room, I will talk to someone, to stop the silence. So, if I am listening to music, the only noise coming out of my mouth will be the occasional lyric. Or whole songs. The point I’m trying to get across is, nothing works the same for everyone. Don’t let yourself feel bad for doing what is good for you. Everyone works differently, at different rates and levels. The only thing everyone should do is believe in themselves, because that is the best technique around exam time.

If you have exams coming up, I wish you the best of luck. You’re gonna be AWESOME!

Till next time!

Erin xxx

P.S. Sorry, I couldn’t resist 😉

Who are The Geeks that Shall Hug You?

Hello there!

I’m Erin (Bold text)

I’m a 15 year old Hufflepuff who is still waiting for her letter to Hogwarts. Yes, it’s a sad reality for the majority of us.

As well as being a complete Potterhead, I’m an all-round geek, and proud. Here is, hopefully, where I will be able to release my creativity in-between exams and, well, life. But I solemnly swear (Potter Reference already, you see what I mean?) that I will write on here when I have time, and enjoy myself doing so.

And I’m Jodie (italic text)

Aren’t we intelligent for letting you know who’s who straight away?

I’m the 17 year old Ravenclaw who encourages Erin to be strange in the selfish hope that it will make me feel less abnormal. I have an obsessive personality, hopefully this blog will be one of my obsessions because then I might actually be doing something productive with my time. Let’s face it spending hours on youtube and pottermore is not actually beneficial the functioning of my brain. So it’s time for myself and Erin to branch out and actually put our love of writing out there.

Together though, because we lack the ability to motivate ourselves. We’re not ambitious like Slytherins or outgoing like Gryffindors. We are anxiety-ridden Ravenpuffs, all we want is to be at home with our books, pyjamas and warm beverages. Literally that’s all we do, even when we’re together.

Hope we haven’t bored you to tears already!


The Geeks That Shall Hug You