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Is It Christmas Yet?

Hello there

Its Erin.

And, wow, we have not blogged in a long time. Honestly, we should be ashamed in ourselves. I’m afraid I’ve had a bit of writers block, which inevitably leads to me just not posting, nor trying. But I have suddenly realised that it is November, which slightly scares me. But, with November, for me anyway, comes the beginning of Christmas. Michael Bublé has emerged from the depths of his cave. Shops have offers of Christmas bargains everywhere, and I, am beginning to feel festive. However, feeling slightly festive in November is a strange occurrence for me, as I am normally counting down the days from September 1st. I don’t know whether it’s a growing up thing, or it might be that I get told off every time a hum of ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ is heard by anyone else. That probably has a lot to do with it. But I’m remaining positive and just singing at the top of my voice when I’m by myself, or with friends who understand my love for the Christmas season.

Now, the reason I love Christmas so much is because there’s a real sense of joy and community around the season. People are all wrapped up in coats, scarves, and hats. Cafes have scented candles everywhere. And the whole hustle bustle of shopping gives a comforting effect. I hate crowds, I hate queues. Generally, I’m not keen on shopping. But something about having the people around you thinking about the people they love and care for as they stock up on gifts for them just makes my heart feel warm. I love shopping for other people, and seeing the looks on their faces as they open their presents. For me, it’s absolutely the best part of the season (Along with the music and films). Yes, it can be stressful, but at the end of it all, everybody seems to feel really happy. And I think that’s what makes it all worth it. The sheer joy that seems to coat the world, even just for a day.

Now, I know some of you will be reading this thinking, ‘Oh my goodness, she’s so weird! It’s way too early to be celebrating!’. I promise you, I’m not celebrating just yet, merely looking forward to celebrating. Yes, I’m listening to the music, and being happy about the shop decorations. But I’m not actively seeking Christmas spirit, just letting it come to me.

What are your thoughts on celebrating? Am I way too early to be happy about it? Let me know by commenting down below or tweeting us. Also, I’d love to know anybody’s tips or tricks to get around writers block, as I’m having a right old struggle with it at the moment!

’till next time

Erin xx

I’ve been a busy bee.

Hello there!

It’s Erin.

I haven’t updated in a while, sorry about that. At first, I didn’t know what to write after the events of last weekend, which then turned into a bit of writers block. I was really upset, but didn’t know how to get my point across. But by the time I’d gotten brave enough to maybe write something, it was too long after to actually post. Thus begun the endless cycle of ‘I don’t know what to write’. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been working and mocks week is coming up. But what can you do? I thought maybe I’d just tell you what I’ve been up to, because I think it might help. I’ve been working a lot on the weekends, so I thought I’d tell you about my job.

I’m a princess.

No, sadly, I’m not the heir to a real throne, (wouldn’t that be great, though?) I’m a children’s entertainer. I dress as a character, chosen by the host and I show up at Birthday parties and events, and I also work with another company to do home visits, which I think are my personal favourite. It’s nice to actually individually meet the children, rather than see a mass of eyes looking up at you. I stay in character the whole time, and talk to the kids, sing, and take photos. Work has been crazy at the moment. There’s always events around June – July and also November – December. You get the summer rush and then the Christmas rush. between these months, you get the occasional booking, but I’m busy every weekend for the next few weeks, bar next weekend. I adore my job, I get to act, and sing, it’s everything I wanted. My favourite part is the kids though. The majority of them believe in it so wholeheartedly and it’s so sweet. I always try to keep the magic intact, by staying in character, and you can tell how excited they are. I often end up with a second shadow, and sometimes a third and fourth. It’s really interesting the range of personalities you meet, as well. There’s the kids who will throw themselves at you, dancing and jumping. But there’s also the ones that watch you from afar, until they pluck up the courage to come and chat, or I go over to them. It’s so adorable the way their faces just light up. I also really like that it’s my own business. I can upgrade costumes and wigs and makeup. I can choose what character I’d like to add next. I’m thinking a certain space princess or maybe a Kryptonian.  And it’s a really good conversation starter. Which is a massive help when you are extremely socially awkward like myself. So anyway, now you know why I’ve been away so much. But I love it.

Again, I’m so sorry about not updating more here and on the twitter (@geeksandhugs. Shameless plug). But hopefully that will improve in a few weeks time. Do you guys have a weekend job? Or a full-time job? If so, do you like it, and if not, what would be your dream job? Please tell me in the comments down below. Personally, I’d really like to be an actress. As always, I love chatting to you in the comments, please feel free to ramble at me on twitter as well.

Till next time!

Erin xxx

This is my foot and the skirt of my Tink costume. It’s very sparkly.